The Chariot! (also known as Lucy’s new spica table)


There are many reasons to be part of a DDH support group, one of them being that people kindly pass on their spica tables and other such useful paraphernalia once they have finished with them. I was fortunate to be lent a spica table when Lucy was in her cast but when she transitioned into a Rhino brace she no longer fitted into this table.

In the midst of teaching full-time and pretty much building our house full-time too, my amazing husband arrived home one evening having knocked together a custom-designed, compact and super-funky little table for Lucy, using scrap timber, nails and ingenuity.

It has become known in our house as ‘The Chariot’ and is used several times a day for meal times and other activities. To secure her on the seat, we simply use a strap from a weekend bag around her waist.

I highly recommend that if your baby is going to be in a spica or brace you get your hands on something similar or make it yourself if you’re a handyman. It has been indispensable for us!





2 thoughts on “The Chariot! (also known as Lucy’s new spica table)

  1. C Jackson

    Can you send me some measurements and more detailed plans? My daughter goes into her second set of casts next week, and we need to whip something up.

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