First X-ray Post Spica


I am pleased to report that Lucy and I had a very positive trip to the hospital this morning. It was supposed to be the day her spica came off but because that got taken off two weeks early we just had to have an x-ray done to check on the hip’s progress.

As much as I hated that awful spica, it seemed to achieve good things! The angle of Lucy’s left acetabulum went from being a very bad 38 degrees in January (6 months old) to measuring a much more stable 24 degrees today (10 months old). One of the mum’s in the DDH Parent Support Western Australia  group took a sneaky pic of the angles chart at Princess Margaret Hospital. According to this chart, 21 degrees (plus or minus 3) is the normal angle for babies her age. This means that both her hips are now in the normal range – woohoo!

angle info

Angle chart from Princess Margaret Hospital

A graphic version of the acetabular angles chart. The heavy back line indicates what is normal per age group

A graphic version of the acetabular angles chart. The heavy back line indicates what is normal per age group (this is not Lucy’s chart – it belongs to another hipster bub)


I know that it is possible for the hip socket to regress (as I’ve already seen with Lucy) and for this reason I am “happy” to keep Lucy in her Rhino brace for a few more weeks. The downer for me this morning was that I had been told by one of the specialists that she would be in the brace for 6 weeks full-time and 6 weeks nights and naps, but the specialist we saw this morning is a 3-month man: he prefers a minimum period of three months per treatment type.

He said that by the time babies reach the age of two, their bones are no longer plasticine or malleable enough for any form of bracing to be effective. From that point on, surgery is required to correct any problems. So, while it is still possible to mould Lucy’s hips, we’ll persevere with the Rhino brace and hope that it will do the trick.

Lucy is so much happier in the Rhino and her favourite time of the day (other than meal times) is when she gets to splash in the bath. Her legs are getting stronger by the hour, she is sitting beautifully, kicking madly, holding her toes at every opportunity and far less cranky when made to do tummy time. We are slowly giving her some brace-free play time which she absolutely loves!

Our hipster bub is making progress!

Trying out her new table that Dad made for her! Paint job still to be done

Trying out her new table that Dad made. Paint job still to be done!



5 thoughts on “First X-ray Post Spica

  1. Gayle

    What is the age of Lucy in the wooden desk picture? I’m looking to do the same for a 19 month old. Is it possible to get the desk dimensions from floor to seat and from floor to desktop? Did the desk really help in recovery?

    • Hi Gayle, Lucy was about ten months old when we started using the wooden table you see pictured in the blog. We used it extensively while she was in the spica and the rhino brace and highly recommend getting/making a spica table to anyone going through the same thing. From seat to floor ours measure 27cm and from table top to floor 43cm. You would probably need to male it a bit higher for your baby. My husband didn’t use any sort of plan to make it – he just made it up as he went along! Good luck with your d.i.y. project 🙂

      • Gayle

        THANK YOU for your quick response. We’re in the US and used your husband’s knee height to help with the height of the desk. This is actually for a friend of mine who has a grandson with the Spica Cast. We loved the idea of the table/desk and used the concept , yet changed it a bit. I want to get a picture of the little boy in it and I’ll try to send it to you.

        Our daughter just had our first grandchild and her middle name is Lucy! I hope your Lucy is doing well after her surgeries.

        Thanks again for your response.

  2. Gayle

    Hi again! I would love to send you a photo of my husband’s version of Lucy’s table, but I think I need an email address to send it to, If you would like to see it, could you please provide me with an address? Thanks! The little boy that got this table/desk loves it, so thank you for the inspiration.

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